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I’m Carla Green, a business-owner and mother who has been living in Brampton most of my life; my son was born in Brampton civic hospital!  As I observed Brampton more and more, I noticed problems that weren’t being solved.  Thus, I’m a candidate for this election running for ward 3 & 4 and I’m hoping to make a big change at city hall.  Below are problems I notice in the community and promises I’m going to implement if I get elected.

My promise and commitment to everyone living in ward 3 & 4:
I’ve been living in Brampton for almost my entire life and I have seen numerous problems in our community which I am determined to fix.  As we have learned from the economic tragedy brought on by CoVID-19, the community is neither equal or safe.  Over the past year, many honest and kind Brampton residents have been moving out due to the increasing housing prices, rent-prices and crime-rate.  As I enter the municipal election on October 24th 2022, I promise to always tackle Brampton’s biggest challenges head-on no-matter what it takes!

Problems in wards 3 & 4 include:

  1. Mass homeless population between and around Kennedy Road South and Main Street South  and downtown Brampton without enough homeless shelters.
  2. Rising housing and rent prices.
  3. Increased theft and robberies into business and homes.
  4. Increased speeding on Brampton streets.
  5. Increased property-tax are causing Brampton residents to move to other cities/nations.
  6. Longer wait times in Brampton hospitals.
  7. High parking costs outside Brampton hospitals are causing rushed visits by family and friends.
  8. Individuals who worked in various mental health and shelter services are often threatened and abused by clients on a daily basis.
  9. Low and unliveable minimum wages that often require people to work 2-3 jobs.
  10. Brampton transit has more part-time workers than full-time.  The system is constantly overworked and the wait times for commuters are 30+ minutes.  On some routes, there are no buses on Sundays.

If you elect me as your city councillor, I will:

  1. Implement more short-term homeless shelters and hire more shelter-workers to curb homeless rate.
  2. Create more budget-friendly homes around Brampton that will cause housing and rent prices to drop due to supply-and-demand.
  3. Use my social-work background to work with other non-profit organizations in the community to combat crime and poverty.
  4. Install more speed-bumps, station more police-officers and install more cameras near speeding-prone areas.
  5. I will lower property-tax; this will cause more Brampton residents to stay in Brampton and not sell their homes or move.
  6. Hire more nurses and doctors across Brampton to lower wait times in hospitals.
  7. Reduce hospital-parking fees.
  8. Increased vacation paid days-off for mental-health and shelter-workers across Brampton to increase the workers’ mental health.
  9. Lower general housing/rent prices will ease financial constraints on residents.
  10. Hire more full-time Brampton transit workers and provide more funding towards those facilities.

If I’m elected as your city councillor this election on October 24th 2022,  I will listen to your concerns and work hard to make Brampton safer, secure, and  better city to live in.

Carla Green in wards 3-4.

Phone: +1 (416)-271-4431

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